Friday, January 30, 2009


This tym waghya one of ma best frenz...has given me this topic to write on . i wish and i will try to maintain the seriousness and the level of this topic as it is very sensitive . I think iI am a total combo pack of a best friend you need in your life as well as a real true and mad lover one alwayz wish in her life . I am a man of golden heart one needs to love a person as well as I am ready to give al the sacrifices for keepin the friendship alive till I . I want to write that how love is related rather it interferes wid friendship and how they cause various things happen in our simple life . I hope all my observations and judgements do not hurt anybody and probably cum true . This topic has many nodes and modes involved in it . I even dont know that how much I know about this topic , starting this topic I want to tell you a sms i have ->one day LOVE asked FRIENDSHIP why are you in world when i am here ? Friendship smiled replied "to spread smiles where you leave tears ". Now that was like a shot wasnt dat ? But is it the reality ? Do friendship really helps us in healing the scars love gave us ? People say friendship is the strongest relation on earth . But is it the same when love interferes with friendship ? Does love weakens the bonds of the friendship ? Who wins in the war of love and friendship ? Now moving on to each point slowly , I have something to say about my first question . Do friendship helps us in healing the scars love gave us ? There are various situations one can consider to answer this question . Everybody has thier own expieriences as well as opinion so there may be different viewes on this . Let me tell you one for sure now only , that after breaking up in love , those two persons cant even bound themselves in friendship . So here friendship is not coming into act only so it cant hepl you in anyway . Your other friends and their may help you upto some extent but friendship and love have their own place in life and they have their own ways . Now moving on to the second point , as we all say that friendship is the strongest bond , but is it in real ? When love interferes with your friendshp or otherways are you happy with your friendship ? Ofcourse you are not . It is because you are in love . Then how come friendship is the strongest bond . I always belived on friendship more than love . I always thought that friendship remains same whatever the conditions are . But unfortunately i was wrong !!! I want to tell you guyz a story here for that . PURE IMAGENARY . Once there were two boyz . Who were best freinds of each other . they were with each other full day . thier bond of freindship was so strong that they never thought of anything which can brak them apart . After some time , a girl came in their life . She was best friend of one of them and nobody of other . Later on that nobody became everything for him . She became his life . J ust because the two guyz are best friends of each other , the boy who was in love wanted to tell his best friend that he was in love with his best friend . As soon as he told it to him . That boy said that 'I wont let happen anything in between you guyz because I will loose both of you ' . Now I dont want to discuss more on this story . I want you guyz to think that why this hapend . Where those best friends and their friendship gone in a second ? Why the fuck only only one personin those three who is in love as well as want his best friend to be with him forever is dieng ? Was their friendship weak ? Or it was love who made it weaker from anyside u can say , i dont care . What I want to tell you guyz is love is not at all good if it is going to interfere with your friendship . All you going to get is some chances of sacrificing yourself . Huh . Some guilty pleasures and broken heart .

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  1. atlya .....nice post ....really yar...n i think u will rock this blog world...
    is dat story related wid u?
    i wan true ans....n today u wer goin to cal me .....bhul gaya sale....