Sunday, February 1, 2009


After some more expiriences I am really happy thet whatever i wrote is real . Friendship gets weaken if love interferes . I have really not thought seriously about one thing . Who wins in this bloody cold war between love and friendship . As people say everything is fair in love and war . I ask them is it good to break friendship for your love . If your friend is one you dont want between you and your love . Then is it good to dodge your friend for it ? No !!! Then how come it is fair ? Love is a blind game and if I really curse love for it then i dont think i am wrong at all . Because this blind game dont even get to knw that what all things it has destroyed while it was on its way , which has no certain future ! No certain destination ! Love is such a wonderfull feeling , you get all the joy in it . Even if the person you love hurts you , teases you , laughs at you or do anything that normally would have hurt you also looks lovable to you !!! You get soo free and real that you dont regret for any bad thing hapened . Love is a feeling which destroys all the pain . Spread joy in your life , but even if all this is true , it is the same love which can destroy all your joy , all your smiles and atlast your life . Love spreads smiles as well as it is exactly responsible to wash away your smiles by your tears !!! Love is crazy , love is mad , love is blind so I can forgive anything for love , but if it comes in between my friendship then it wont be forgiven anytime , and i think it should not be . Finally I want to tell you guyz about some balancing facts . You guys know how beautiful love is ! As well as you know how important friendship is . Why not try balancing them out ? Love and friendship have their own space . So lets try not mixing up them . Love needs its own space , and if you cant give it , give up loving . There is nothing easy than loving somebody as well as there is nothing hard as breaking a friendship . Whenever one is getting to know that our love and friendship are interacting one should be more careful than ever because both of these feelings contribute most of our life . Love and friendship is the reason for which all feelings got created by god . Love and friendship are the reason we live , we cry , we die ..............
if love is life

then what friendship is like ,

I know love is pure
but friendship is the cure !!!
so friends please dont ever mix up these relations or you will be in hell of problems and you can never get out of it !!!Love your friendship !!!As well as remember if there is no love there is no friendship !!!


  1. yup atlya neva mix up luv n frnship u aa ryt dude....but dude here u aa tekin too much side of frnship... try to balance uo points all points are true but sum wer u aa leavingg +ve points of love...but at any tym blog n maxxx rock

  2. thnx ajinkya fo uo frank opinion ......i really got happy...n yup i wl try ma best ....

  3. but even if though love bcomz mre heavier th frndship,coz dis r da frndz wo can undstand us,bt our love cannot undstnd us tht much...cozza dis undtng love seems to be gud all da time,,,,,,coz of our friendz.....which make it happen..even m in da opinion tht frndshp lie b4 love.........